Intermission: The Future of Manhattan Below Fourteenth Street

Ladies, gentlemen, assorted polymorphic rodents…

There comes a day in every geek’s life when Real Life and Adult Responsibilities must take priority over online fun and games and obsessive, nitpicky blogging, resulting in the slowdown (if not elimination) of the latter. It’s a sad, but true fact of life, and I’ve seen many of my friends and inspirations go down this path. ’tis rarely a pretty sight when it happens, and my standard reaction is usually within the ballpark of this:


But there is no use cursing such developments – with few exceptions, they are as inevitable and irreversible as the cold hand of death him/her/itself. We can only sit silently at our computers or phones or iPads, thanking those brave, geeky men and women for devoting such an enormous chunk of their time – often at no personal profit – to make our lives a little brighter.

The specific reasons are many – family responsibilities, job-hunting, higher education… mixtures of all of the above are not uncommon. That they would find their way to me one day is something that has always loomed in the back of my mind.

But ah, I’ve beaten ’round the bush too much as it is. I am here to tell you…

… that today is not that day.


Ahahahahaha… you guys should’ve seen your faces. Hahaha… ha… ha…


Wait, guys, come back! It was a joke! I swear!


Okay, in all seriousness – there may be more mature/productive ways to use my time, but for the foreseeable future, I ain’t going anywhere. And I absolutely do appreciate all of you, whether you converse with me in the open or silently enjoy/snark at this blog from the shadows.

I will say, however, that it’ll be a while until the Season 2 reviews start. In addition to doing some advertising on the more Batman-centric sites out there, the first two episodes of Season 2 will require me to watch some… interesting movies as my background material.

Honestly, I’m not sure which of them I’m dreading more.

That aside, I’ve started reconsidering the pace I’ve churned out my reviews at. Right now, I more or less review each episode as I watch the episode in question, and post each review almost immediately after I’ve written it, with little to no post-production or editing involved. That’s probably why the reviews on this blog look cruder for those of you used to Unshaved Mouse or one of the other masters in the art.

I’ve thus started giving thought to adopting the “Mouse method” of putting weekly or even bimonthly gaps between reviews, which would – in theory – give me more room to work on the quality of each individual review and give you readers more time to catch up with and digest each review. Any attempts to hog credit from my much more talented artists or corner the market by flooding it with cheap, derivative material will be totally coincidental.

So… what say you all? Should I keep up the near-daily pace I’ve been going so far for as long as I can, or should I start to slow it down? Perhaps even bisecting Mouse’s bimonthly schedule so that every Thursday, you’ll have at least one online review to look forward to?


3 thoughts on “Intermission: The Future of Manhattan Below Fourteenth Street

  1. Yep, I know what its like. Life does get in the way, and it can make doing what you love hard. This month has been especially hard on my blog, but i’m still keepin on. Do what you think you should do.

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  2. I’ve loved your blog so far Mr. Lotus, and understand that you need time and all. But I think for the amount of detail in your reviews they have a ton of polish already. Keep up the good work! 🙂


  3. Yeah – your reviews are so polished already, I’m always impressed at the speed in which you publish them. I don’t think you really need to slow down unless you want to? Maybe 2 or 1 a week, but if the only reason you wish to slow down is for “more polish” the polish is already there 🙂

    I have been enjoying your blog, by the way! I am one of those silent lurkers but have read every review. Love reading about a Batman series I have no exsposure to what so ever (The Batman was on when I was in high school/college, therefore I didn’t really watch it because I wasn’t the target audience and wasn’t as into super hero things as I am now) so just keep up the awesome reviews, regardless of whether your posting schedule changes or not!

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