Episode Guide (and Index of Reviews)

The Batman did about average for a cartoon in its day and age – sixty-five episodes to close that sweet syndication deal, plus a better-than-expected DTV movie. Episode reviews (when they go up) may be accessed through this index or via the Prev/Next links in each review.

Season 1 (Or: Yes Father, I Shall Become A Bat)

1. The Bat in the Belfry
2. Traction
3. Call of the Cobblepot
4. The Man Who Would Be Bat
5. The Big Chill
6. The Cat and the Bat
7. The Big Heat
8. Q&A
9. The Big Dummy
10. Topsy Turvy
11. Bird of Prey
12. The Rubberface of Comedy
13. The Clayface of Tragedy

Season 2 (Or: The Strange Secret of Greg Weisman)

1. The Bat, the Cat, and the Very Ugly
2. Riddled
3. JTV
4. Swamped
5. Pets
6. Meltdown
7. The Butler Did It
8. Fire and Ice
9. Ragdolls to Riches
10. Strange Minds
11. Grundy’s Night
12. The Laughing Bat
13. Night and the City

Season 3 (Or: Whose Baby Are You, Batgirl?)

1. Batgirl Begins, Part One
2. Batgirl Begins, Part Two
3. A Dark Knight to Remember
4. A Fistful of Felt
5. RPM
6. Brawn
7. The Laughing Cats
8. Fleurs du Mal
9. Cash for Toys
10. The Apprentice
11. Thunder
12. The Icy Depths
13. Gotham’s Ultimate Criminal Mastermind

Season 4 (Or: And Robin Shall Restore Amends)

1. A Matter of Family
2. Team Penguin
3. Clayfaces
4. The Everywhere Man
5. Strange New World
6. The Breakout
7. Artifacts
8. Two of a Kind
9. Seconds
10. Riddler’s Revenge
11. Rumors
12. The Joining, Part One
13. The Joining, Part Two

Season 5 (Or: Isn’t that Brave and the Bold show ready yet?)

1. The Batman/Superman Story, Part One
2. The Batman/Superman Story, Part Two
3. Vertigo
4. White Heat
5. A Mirror Darkly
6. The Joker Express
7. Ring Toss
8. The Metal Face of Comedy
9. Attack of the Terrible Trio
10. The End of the Batman
11. What Goes Up…
12. Lost Heroes, Part One
13. Lost Heroes, Part Two

Direct-to-Video Movie:

The Batman vs. Dracula