Intermission: The Future of Manhattan Below Fourteenth Street

Ladies, gentlemen, assorted polymorphic rodents…

There comes a day in every geek’s life when Real Life and Adult Responsibilities must take priority over online fun and games and obsessive, nitpicky blogging, resulting in the slowdown (if not elimination) of the latter. It’s a sad, but true fact of life, and I’ve seen many of my friends and inspirations go down this path. ’tis rarely a pretty sight when it happens, and my standard reaction is usually within the ballpark of this:


But there is no use cursing such developments – with few exceptions, they are as inevitable and irreversible as the cold hand of death him/her/itself. We can only sit silently at our computers or phones or iPads, thanking those brave, geeky men and women for devoting such an enormous chunk of their time – often at no personal profit – to make our lives a little brighter.

The specific reasons are many – family responsibilities, job-hunting, higher education… mixtures of all of the above are not uncommon. That they would find their way to me one day is something that has always loomed in the back of my mind.

But ah, I’ve beaten ’round the bush too much as it is. I am here to tell you…

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